Liftoff to learning with this hands on multimedia presentation. Meet Robo the friendly robot who talks, moves and interacts with the audience. Learn about orbits, microgravity, rockets, living in space and much more. Volunteers from the audience, dressed in astronaut flight suits, perform live demonstrations and experiments. Along with the use of computer aided technology and numerous props, this presentation creates a fun learning experience. Approximately one hour long, the specific content is modified for various age groups, focusing on assemblies for grades K-8. The Go for the Stars presentation is applicable to the curriculums, Science, Mathematics, Technology, History and can greatly enhance interdisciplinary programs such as Language Arts and Visual Arts education. The presentation can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school curriculum or event.



Learn About:


Robotics in space

The International Space Station

Orbits - planets and spacecraft

Gravity on other worlds

Microgravity - weightlessness

Living and working in space



Group Size:


Maximum group size per assembly is approximately 200 students. Multiple presentations are recommended for groups containing different grade levels. The educational content would be modified for each age group. For example:  

  • Grades K - 2

  • Grades 3 - 5

  • Grades 6 - 8



Fees and Scheduling:

Please call or e-mail for current fee and scheduling information. 

(860) 870-8567  or


Presented by:

Gary T. Pozzato, Aerospace Educator

Traveling throughout New England since 1992, Gary has shared his knowledge of the space program with numerous schools, libraries, and civic groups.  He has worked closely with NASA personnel on several educational projects, was a certified flight instructor and has helped with the manufacture of equipment for the NASA Space Suit, Space Shuttle Orbiter, and the International Space Station.


Testimonials Received:


"The "Go for the Stars" program was the best I've ever seen! It was a joy for children of all ages."

Bobbi Jo Grausso, Teacher

Washington Village (NY) School


"It's a difficult task to find educational entertainment suitable for Pre-K to grade 8, but your “Go for the Stars” program was a huge success. Children and teachers alike thoroughly enjoyed your hands on approach.”

Laura J. Pettinato, PTO

Sherman (CT) School



Gary T. Pozzato
PO Box 615
Vernon, CT  06066